Frank V. Fiume II

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

If you only know me as the founder of i9 Sports, the nation’s first and largest youth sports league franchise business, it might seem like my life and the business have been a smooth, straight line of prosperity. But my journey, like every successful entrepreneur's, didn't follow any magic formula. It was a zigzag trajectory, full of highs and lows, nerve-wracking moments, valuable lessons learned, and course corrections.

My book, Running With My Head Down, shares the inside story of how I built i9 Sports from the ground up, through perseverance and constant evolution – both for myself personally and in the business. I am grateful that I found and followed my purpose, and I hope that my story can ignite a spark inside you to find the courage to do the same.

My new mission is to serve as a role model, providing hope and encouragement so that entrepreneurs are motivated to overcome all obstacles as they pursue their purpose throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

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